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12:07 PM by Data Cube

Garage Band

This is my latest opening. GarageBand is looking for skilled music fans who can review music well and get prizes for doing so. Currently prizes include
  • 1 Crate Flexwave 15R
  • PropellerHead Reason software
  • 1 Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Sibelius 4
  • Maxell Prize Pack
So what do you need to win these prizes ?
  1. Write awesome reviews about independent bands and music in general
  2. Get high review ratings and earn bonus points (every point is an entry in the drawing)
  3. Make as more reviews as you can and get high reputation. The higher reputation, the easier it will be to win
The best reviewer will be picked monthly and yearly. If you can do that, you will get tons and tons of rewards.
So in this program activity is the key to the the big success

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