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Music Research

Music Research is a marketing research company that’s has an aim to the study all popular music news and everything about artistrs. U.S. members are eligible to win monthly prizes including CDs, DVDs & MP3 players for rating new music. Members can also win prizes by participating in special surveys, contests and events. Prizes are shipped to your Po Box monthly

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Garage Band

This is my latest opening. GarageBand is looking for skilled music fans who can review music well and get prizes for doing so. Currently prizes include
  • 1 Crate Flexwave 15R
  • PropellerHead Reason software
  • 1 Apple iPod Shuffle
  • Sibelius 4
  • Maxell Prize Pack
So what do you need to win these prizes ?
  1. Write awesome reviews about independent bands and music in general
  2. Get high review ratings and earn bonus points (every point is an entry in the drawing)
  3. Make as more reviews as you can and get high reputation. The higher reputation, the easier it will be to win
The best reviewer will be picked monthly and yearly. If you can do that, you will get tons and tons of rewards.
So in this program activity is the key to the the big success

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Radio Music Survey

Help your local radio stations to play better music! Participate in current survey and get a chance to get an Ipod Shuffle. With radio music survey you can complete music related surveys and receive points and bonuses for doing so. Points could be redeemed for prizes and every bonus is a ticket for the monthly drawing.
RadioMusicSurvey is totally free to join and there is no obligation to give away personal information. Join today and enjoy it's advantages

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Groove Shark

Ever wanted to get paid for sharing and reviewing the music? With GrooveShark it is totally possible! GrooveShark is a place for music lovers from all over the worlds. Share your music, listen to music added by others, comment and communicate with other music fans. And the the most important thing - get paid for doing so! Feel free to Tour the GrooveShark's features right now!

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Ok, another one comes up! is the best place to get real cash for listening to radio stations. This website makes money from sponsored ads on the website itself, plus they share commission with they radio station owners. So they will pay you to use their website and listen to the music.
Everyone is eligible to join this innovative program. All you need to do is :

  • Visit their website, look around and click the register button.
  • The registration is totally free and there is no obligation for you to use it if you don't want to
  • A valid email is required to verify your account and get your salary and prizes.
  • Tell your friends about this website and earn 10% referral commission (if your friends earn 100$ - you get 10$ credited to your account)
Have fun and feedback would be highly appreciated!

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Song People

The process of winning stuff is quite simple.
  • Listen to the new tracks and albums
  • Tell "Music bosses" your opinion. Just review tracks you have heard
  • Gain points
  • Redeem point to prizes
Currently prizes include :
  • Creative ZEN 8GB MP3 Player
  • Pink Nintendo DS
This website seem to be very good and hundreds of people leave positive feedbacks about this company. There is a user who won a Sony Bravia HD-TV reviewing music, could you believe that?
Well we have to try that out too! Feedback appreciated as usual!

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Sony Music USA

Be active and interact with other music lover online. Every time you review or listen to the music to earn certain amount of points which can be soon redeemed for prizes which include : CDs, DVDs and the latest Sony gear!
This program is totally free to join and there is no obligation to continue using them if you don't wish to.
Right now they have a promotion - everyone who joins them, gets 1,000 free points!
Looking for your feedbacks and good luck!

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